Industrial Shredder Machine

  • Plastic Bag Shredder Machine

    Plastic Bag Shredder Machine

    Plastic shredder machine is applicable to the multi-purpose woven bag shredder such as new-type film, woven bag, fishing net, tire, etc.; it can be used for the recycling and utilization of waste agricultural film, packaging film, greenhouse film, ton bag, space bag, food bag, cement bag, waste fishing net and other raw materials.

    Film plastic grinding equipment , also known as plastic film shredder, plastic bag shredder, packaging bag shredder, woven bag shredder, is a new series of film shredder launched by our company after years of research and practice. The cutting tools of the equipment are suitable for tearing, breaking and recycling soft and hard materials, which can meet the requirements of high efficiency, energy saving, firmness and durability of users

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  • Plastic Pipe Shredder

    Plastic Pipe Shredder

    Application fields: plastic waste shredder can be used for wood plastic building template production line, crust foaming board production line, wood plastic foaming board production line, synthetic resin tile production line, plastic wave tile production line, PVC plastic steel tile production line.

    Commercial plastic shredder aslo can be used for single screw extruder, twin screw extruder, PE pipe production line, PVC pipe production line, plastic plate sheet production line, wood plastic profile production line, waste plastic cleaning and recycling production line Line, plastic granulation line of machine side machine for use.

    Applicable materials: all kinds of plastic pipes, rubber pipes, plastic plates, rubber plates, injection molding machine head materials, injection molding waste parts, waste plastic barrels, etc.

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  • Block Shredder

    Block Shredder

    The single shaft shredder is widely used for volume reduction of various wastes, including but not limited to the following. Plastic bottles, plastic pipes, woven bags, cables, wood, paper, household waste and electronic waste.

    According to the processed materials and the next processing requirements, the appropriate screen can be selected. The material discharged from the crusher can be the final product or the main raw material of the next process.

    This plastic crusher machine has a good crushing effect on the hard material leaked from the side of pelletizer and injection molding machine. It can be used with crusher, and the final particles can be directly put into pelletizer or injection molding machine again.

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  • Plastic Bottle Shredder

    Plastic Bottle Shredder

    This plastic bottle crusher is used for the shredding of Coke bottles, plastic bottles, pet mineral water bottles, gasoline bottles, milk bottles, large buckets and large garbage cans.

    This series of bottle shredder is specially designed for barrel material, bottle material and other sheet material; the size of shredded material is even and small; it can replace.

    Pet bottle crushing machine adopts automatic control of micro-computer (PLC), with the functions of start, stop, reverse and overload automatic reverse control. Bottle grinder machine has the characteristics of low speed, large torque and low noise.

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    Industrial Shredder Machine

    Industrial Shredder Machine

    Heavy duty industrial shredder is used for shredding industrial waste, television, washing machine, tire, DVD, car door, mixed scrap steel, industrial waste paper, computer, hard disk, waste clothes, waste shoes, textiles, urban domestic waste, oil tank, paint tank, mattress, etc.

    The heavy shredder has the characteristics of low speed, large torque and low noise. It adopts PLC control system and can be automatically controlled. It has the functions of start, stop, reverse and overload automatic reverse.

    According to the needs of customers, we study and produce 4 shaft shredder、abs plastic grinder、aluminium shredder、car shredding machine、copper shredder、iron shredder machine、municipal solid waste shredder、metal shredder machine,if you need it ,please contact us,thank you.

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  • Construction Shredder

    Construction Shredder

    This construction waste crusher can tear up some construction waste, such as alloy window, drain pipe, cable ,wire,water inlet pipe, and various floors, especially PVC floor, with stable output, low noise and power saving.

    Special design and PLC control are adopted to make the hydraulic system and driving system of the machine reach a flexible and efficient state. The machine can be used for many times and increase the service life of the blade. The frequency conversion control hydraulic system is adopted to greatly improve the working efficiency.

    The heavy-duty wood shredder adopts double drive and the hydraulic coupling is flexible to make the machine run smoothly Stable, slow down the impact and improve the service life of the machine. The output can reach 0.5-20T / h

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  • Medical Shredder

    Medical Shredder

    At present, the treatment methods of medical waste include high-temperature incineration, sanitary landfill, pressure steam sterilization, chemical disinfection, dry heat crushing sterilization, electromagnetic wave sterilization, high-temperature pyrolysis sterilization, etc., but before treatment, crushing and refining treatment must be carried out.

    This medical recycling shredder machine is a large-scale medical waste crusher, which has passed the EU CE certification, and is designed for the crushing of medical waste. The whole machine technology comes from Italy. The blade is made of imported high-strength alloy steel, with very strong wear resistance and high strength. The driving part is driven by intermediate gear, forming a differential relationship. The screen is easy to disassemble.

    The size of the crushed material is controlled through the screen, and the discharging is uniform. The discharging size is ≤ 40mm, and the output can reach 1000-3000kg per hour.

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  • Packaging Shredder

    Packaging Shredder

    With the popularization of global urbanization, the acceleration of the pace of life and the increase of domestic garbage, it has become a very serious environmental problem in China and even in the whole world.

    It is estimated that the growth rate of garbage in developed countries is 3.2% - 4.5% and that in developing countries is 2% - 3%. The annual output of garbage in the world is 10 billion tons. The growth rate of urban garbage in China is about 9%, and the annual output of garbage is about 150 million tons.

    Plastic recycling shredder of our company can tear all kinds of packaging materials in our life, such as plastic buckets,Chemical buckets, blue buckets, IBC buckets, metal buckets, wooden pallets, PP woven bags, various packaging films.

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  • Garbage Shredder

    Garbage Shredder

    Garbage professional shredder machine can meet the waste recycling requirements of various industries, suitable for shredding materials, such as: all kinds of garbage, plastic, metal, wood, waste rubber, packaging barrel, pallet, etc. There are many kinds of recyclable materials.

    The shredded materials can be recycled directly or further refined according to the demand. It is applicable to industrial waste recycling, medical recycling, electronic manufacturing, pallet manufacturing, wood processing, domestic waste recycling, plastic recycling, tire recycling, paper making and other industries.

    This series of garbage shredder has the characteristics of low speed, large torque and low noise. It adopts Siemens programming control system and can be automatically controlled. It has the functions of start, stop, reverse and overload automatic reverse.

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