• Metal Detector

    Metal Detector

    As the name implies, metal detector for plastic recycling is an instrument or machine for detecting metal.
    In the plastic industry, especially in the recycled plastics, masterbatch, plastic recycling materials, nozzle materials and other industries, there are a variety of metal impurities, such as: copper, iron, aluminum, tin, stainless steel, stainless steel and other magnetic and non-magnetic metal particles. Alert you when there is metal.

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  • Metal Separator

    Metal Separator

    Metal separator is mainly used for the detection and separation of raw metal in plastic, food, chemical industry, waste recycling and other industries.
    It can quickly detect and automatically separate metal impurities such as iron, copper, aluminum and stainless steel in raw materials, and can also be installed on injection molding machine, extruder and other equipment.

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  • Screw Loader

    Screw Loader

    Screw feeder, also known as screw feeder, is mainly used for conveying powder and granular materials in inclined room. It has the characteristics of light, quiet and airtight. It can be customized into different diameters, lengths and inclinations according to the requirements of users.
    It can also be equipped with a speed regulating motor to continuously adjust the speed and achieve the purpose of quantitative feeding.

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  • Caterpillars Haul Off Machine

    Caterpillars Haul Off Machine

    The tractor is mainly matched with the plastic extrusion production line, which is suitable for the online traction of plastic pipes, profiles and plates. The configuration characteristics of the machine can be specially designed according to the user's requirements.
    It is suitable for plastic extruded product pipe, semicircle pipe, two-color integrated light pipe
    Stability of PC, profile, sheet, bar, small decorative line, etc

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  • Plastic Powder Loader Machine

    Plastic Powder Loader Machine

    This machine adopts the principle of low vacuum to realize the air transportation of particles. It can be matched with the hopper dryer to realize the automation of drying and feeding.
    The utility model has the advantages of high efficiency, low noise, reliable performance, etc.

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  • Laser Printing Machine

    Laser Printing Machine

    The laser printer of our company adopts integrated overall structure, equipped with automatic focusing system, and the operation process is humanized.
    Use isolator to protect the window of fiber laser, enhance the stability and laser life.
    The beam quality is much better than that of the traditional solid laser marking machine, and the diameter of the focus spot is less than 20um. The divergence angle is 1 / 4 of that of the semiconductor pumped laser. It is especially suitable for fine and precise marking.
    The electro-optical conversion efficiency is high, the power consumption of the whole machine is less than 600W, which is 1 / 10 of the lamp pumped solid-state laser marking machine, greatly saving energy consumption.
    No need for any maintenance, long service life, suitable for working in harsh environment.
    The processing speed is fast, 2-3 times of the traditional marking machine.

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  • Blade Sharpener

    Blade Sharpener

    It is specially designed according to the fact that the blade of plastic crusher is easy to blunt. It is a matching product of plastic crusher, which greatly improves the working efficiency of the crusher, and can also grind the straight blade of woodworking machine and other machine tools.
    The machine has small volume, light weight, fast effect, stable operation and easy adjustment. It is suitable for all kinds of straight edge cutting tools.

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  • Plastic Washing Tank

    Plastic Washing Tank

    Plastic rinse water tank, full-automatic production line, is specially used for crushing, cleaning waste mineral water bottles garbage recycling and other plastic equipment, with the function of heating, can thoroughly remove stains.
    After repeated experiments by scientific research departments, a new generation of efficient and water-saving equipment has been developed. The features of the machine are exquisite appearance, low energy consumption, high output, practicality and reliability.

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  • Magnetic Force Frame

    Magnetic Force Frame

    The magnetic rod is reasonably distributed on the magnetic frame, and the high-strength magnetic field is provided for it, so as to attract the iron powder, iron chips and other small pieces of metal with magnetism in the flowing material. The workers can skillfully weld the stainless steel seamless pipe into a solid whole. It can be installed in production line, hopper and material box, and easy to take out and clean. The magnetic frame is made of high grade materials, the surface is not easy to be corroded, and the cleaning of food and even medicine is also very effective.

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