Plastic Mixer

  • Plastic Granule Mixer Machine

    Plastic Granule Mixer Machine

    Plastic high speed mixer is mainly used for: mixing and coloring of PVC resin, coloring and drying of polyethylene and polypropylene particles, drying of ABS polycarbonate and other hygroscopic resin before forming and processing, mixing of phenolic resin and other processes.

    Plastic raw material mixer machine is one of the necessary equipment for plastic processing plant, and also has a wide range of uses in rubber, pharmaceutical, dye and other industries. Because it has the advantages of fast mixing, even mixture, good absorption of resin to additive, convenient operation of machine, easy cleaning, strong and durable, compact structure, etc. It has gradually replaced the low-speed mixer and is widely used in the production of various plastic industries.

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  • Plastic Powder Mixer Machine

    Plastic Powder Mixer Machine

    High speed mixer generally refers to the high-speed mixer in the plastic industry.

    It is suitable for mixing powder / particle / additive / toner / color masterbatch / plastic and other materials. The can body adopts circular arc structure, and the special blade structure is mainly used to make the materials form vortex like high-speed stirring and can be heated for modification.

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