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    Foam Granulator

    Foam Granulator

    This strand pelletizing system is used for recycling and granulating waste EPE, EPS, XPS foaming materials. We have developed a new type of machine, which not only shortens the production cycle, simplifies the process, but also greatly improves the quality of plastic particles. It is the most ideal foam material recovery equipment.

    We can customize the plastic pelletizing machine according to different requirements of different customers.

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  • Plastic Granulator Machine

    Plastic Granulator Machine

    Plastic pelletizer is also known as plastic granulator, one of the plastic extrusion molding equipment. It is a machine that heats the plastic raw materials to a viscous flow state.

    Under the action of pressure, the plastic raw materials are extruded continuously through the extrusion die head, and then cooled to a strip glass state. Through the pelletizing device, round columnar or elliptical plastic particles are obtained.

    Plastic granulating machine is mainly used for processing waste plastic film (industrial packaging film, agricultural mulch film, greenhouse film, beer bag, handbag, etc.), woven bag, agricultural convenience bag, basin, barrel, beverage bottle, furniture, daily necessities, etc., which is applicable to most common waste plastics.

    PLastic granulator machine is the most widely used, most widely used and most popular plastic recycling processing machinery in the waste plastic recycling industry

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  • Plastic Film Granulator Machine

    Plastic Film Granulator Machine

    Waste plastic film pellet making machine is very easy to recycle waste plastic (waste film, plastic bag, woven bag, washed agricultural film, plastic film, greenhouse film and other waste plastic). It is suitable for recycling and pelletizing of all kinds of waste plastic. Output: 100-1000kg / h.

    This pelletizing equipment can be matched with pp pe film washing line and film squeezer granulation machine at the same time. We are specialized in making machines, which can be customized according to customers' raw materials and requirements.

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  • Epe Pearl Cotton Granulator Machine

    Epe Pearl Cotton Granulator Machine

    Foam granulator is a special machine for crushing, granulation of waste foam, pearl cotton and polyethylene foam. It consists of a foam crusher, a foam granulator and a granulator.

    It is a device that recyclates waste foam granulation mechanism into particulates. The foam plastic granulator is used for processing EPS foam (foam gum) of disused fast food boxes, household appliances packaging and so on.

    The recycled plastic can be used for making various stationery, toys, electrical appliances and so on.

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  • Plastic Film Squeeze Drying Granulator Machine

    Plastic Film Squeeze Drying Granulator Machine

    1. Plastic film squeezer pelletizing machine use Special reducer structure, special screw design and special extrusion principle of the film dryer, which can be continuously produced.
    2. After extrusion, the material directly becomes 3-5cm irregular coarse particles.The extruded water flows out from the mesh, and the materials with high strength generate heat by extrusion and friction.
    3. After being heated twice by the die head, the materials can be plasticized slightly and then directly shaped after being cut by the blade.
    4. The output can reach 1000 kg / h. Support the customer to come to the factory to inspect the goods and test the machine with materials.

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  • Plastic Bottle Granulator

    Plastic Bottle Granulator

    The waste pet bottle recycling granulator is a twin-screw extruder, which has excellent mixing performance, good self-cleaning type and flexible modular combination characteristics.

    The pet pelletizer machine does not need complex pre crystallization drying system, and can achieve ideal pet viscosity control, with small IV drop, and can achieve viscosity increase by adding appropriate additives

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  • Plastic Bag Granulator Machine

    Plastic Bag Granulator Machine

    Our plastic recycling extruder machine can recycle and granulate various packing bags and shopping bags made of LDPE, HDPE, PP, PE, PVC and other plastic films.Production from 60-100kg per hour.

    We can produce pvc pelletizing line,pe pelletizing machine and other granulator machine,as long as the raw material of the customer is plastic, our machine can recycle and granulate it.

    The customer can sell the particles to the local injection molding machine or film blowing machine manufacturer, or use the particles on their own.

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