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  • 0401-2021

    PP PE PET Hdpe Ldpe Plastic Film Washing Line--Zhangjiagang Meenchi Machinery Co., Ltd

    PP PE pet HDPE LDPE plastic film washing line includes unpacking, sorting, crushing, rinsing, separation, hot washing, dehydration, drying, label separation and other mineral water bottle cleaning lines and bottle granulation production lines. The production line of bottle granulation includes twin-screw plastic extruder and slitting system.

  • 3012-2020

    PP PE PVC PLASTIC PELLET EXTRUSION MACHINE--Zhangjiagang Meenchi Machinery Co., Ltd

    PP PE PVC plastic pellet extrusion machine is composed of two screws and barrel with opposite rotation direction and mutually meshed threads. It has the characteristics of strong plasticizing ability, good mixing performance and easy control of material flow. It can be used for direct molding of PVC powder. It is the preferred machine for extrusion molding of thermoplastic plastics. The machine is equipped with corresponding screw, which can process soft and hard PVC, PE, PP, ABS and other raw materials. The machine is equipped with corresponding auxiliary equipment, which can be used for the production of pipe, profile, plate and granulation.

  • 2112-2020

    Pvc Pipe Making Machine--Zhangjiagang Meenchi Machinery Co., Ltd

    It has excellent chemical corrosion resistance and insulation; the product size is standard and stable, the material is dense and the wall thickness is uniform; it is pressure resistant, flame retardant and high strength; the pipe wall is smooth, the friction resistance is small, and there is no scaling, and the transportation is efficient; It is widely used in agricultural water supply and drainage, building water supply and drainage, industrial water supply and drainage, wire and cable protection pipe, multi-layer functional pipe, cable laying and other aspects

  • 0211-2020


    The unit consists of Conical twin screw extruder, PVC pipe mould-Vacuum calibration tank-Haul-off machine-Planetary Saw Cutting machine-Tripping table/Belling machine. Producing pipe diameter range: Φ16mm-Φ1100mm. And the line can be equipped with comptroller thickening instrument, computer ink-jet printer, crusher, shredder, pulverizer ,water chiller, air compressor etc. to achieve the production and manufacture of high-grade tubing. Advanced design for screws and barrel supplies powerful safeguard for the PVC plasticization.

  • 3010-2020


    16-110mm PE HDPE PPR pipe making machine/ PE HDPE PPR pipe extrusion line/ plastic water pipe making machine.

  • 2610-2020


    In order to adjust the work pressure, create a passion, responsibility, happy working atmosphere, so that we can better into the next work. The company has specially organized and arranged the Youth League building activity of "gathering strength and inspiring youth", aiming at enriching the spare time life of employees, further strengthening the team cohesion, enhancing the team cooperation ability, and better serving the businesses and customers.

  • 2310-2020


    With different designs of screw,this machine can be applied to granulate the recycled material of HDPE,LDPE,LLDPE,PP,PS,PET.PC and other material.It can be stopless in the course of production.It uses pneumatic conversion and strong wind blowing,with water cooling,dewatering machine.At the same time can adjust stainless steel storage container and can run at high speed for along time while extrude stably.It's Power can reach 100kg/h-500kg/h.

  • 1910-2020

    Usage Of PP PE Plastic Hdpe Pvc Pipe Making Machine

    For Packaging Plastic packing inside and the wooden case outside , or as customer's requirement for Use Of PP PE Plastic Hdpe Pvc Pipe Making Machine.

  • 1610-2020

    Export Plastic Film Shredder Machine To Republic Of South Africa

    The shredder machine is known by shearing, tearing and pressing the material to achieve reduced size, which is mainly used for packing tape shredder, tires, films, bags, and other plastic waste nets Of the broken recycling. The shredder-cusher machine is mainly used to grind,crusher and recycling the lump or block plastics,such as:large diameter HDPE pipe ,big soild block of plastic ,plastic barrel etc.And its end plastic scraps size is about 3-8mm,which can be directly used for your injection machine and extruder machine.

  • 1210-2020


    EXPORT PET BOTTLE WASHING LINE TO INDIA: 1. This line is mainly used for recycling the waste PET bottle, PET container etc. 2. To separate PET bottles to flakes from label, cap, oil, garbage. 3. This line is composed of separator, crusher, cold & hot washing system, dewatering, drying, packing system, etc. 4. Easy to operate, Full automatic. 5. Production capacity: 300KG/H, 500KG/H, 1000KG/H, 1500KG/H, 2000KG/H

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