Powder Grinding Mill

  • Plastic Film Grinding Mill

    Plastic Film Grinding Mill

    The working part consists of a high-speed rotating grinding plate and a fixed grinding plate. 2. PM grinding plate series grinding machine has the following advantages: 1. The best grinding equipment for materials with short passing time, less heat generation and heat sensitive materials such as PE. 2. The gap between grinding plates can be adjusted to facilitate the control of the discharging fineness. 3. The grinding plate is made of high-quality die steel and can be repeatedly grinded. 4. High output, low energy consumption and operation Easy,

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  • EVA Foaming Material Grinding Mill

    EVA Foaming Material Grinding Mill

    EVA grinder is a new type of energy-saving, energy-saving and environmental protection product. It is suitable for the recovery of foam scraps such as sponge.

    It is suitable for recovery of EVA, SBR, Rb, PE, sponge and other rubber and plastic foam leftover.

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    Plastic Hard Material Grinding Mill

    Plastic Hard Material Grinding Mill

    Plastic grinding machine is widely used in the fields of chemical industry, waste recycling, plastic pipe and profile manufacturing, plastic modification, etc.

    According to the classification of grinding principle, the grinding machine is mainly divided into two categories: rotor (turbine) grinding machine and disc grinding machine. According to the grinding method, the grinding machine is divided into normal temperature grinding machine and deep cold grinding machine. Generally, the normal temperature grinding machine, also known as mechanical grinding machine, is commonly used.

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