Eps Foam Recycling Machine

  • Foam Hot Melting Machine

    Foam Hot Melting Machine

    The polystyrene melting machine can treat EPS expanded polystyrene, EPS lunch box, EPS dust, XPS insulation board, EPE expanded polyethylene, EPP expanded polypropylene.

    The eps melting machine is similar to the extruder. After the material is completely melted, it is introduced from the outlet. The hot melt foam compressor and the hot pressure foam compressor need to add one or more heating modules.

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  • Foam Compactor Machine

    Foam Compactor Machine

    The EPS foam cold press is also called the foam compressor. It is used for the recovery and compression of the foam. It can save space, facilitate transportation and make it convenient for reuse.

    The foam compactor can be transported and used conveniently, and the compression strength is large. It can be compressed from 50 cubic meters to 1 cubic meters. The 3 vehicle foam can be compressed to 1 cars, so that users can recover the old froth.

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