plastic bag shredder

  • Plastic Bag Shredder Machine

    Plastic Bag Shredder Machine

    Plastic shredder machine is applicable to the multi-purpose woven bag shredder such as new-type film, woven bag, fishing net, tire, etc.; it can be used for the recycling and utilization of waste agricultural film, packaging film, greenhouse film, ton bag, space bag, food bag, cement bag, waste fishing net and other raw materials. Film plastic grinding equipment , also known as plastic film shredder, plastic bag shredder, packaging bag shredder, woven bag shredder, is a new series of film shredder launched by our company after years of research and practice. The cutting tools of the equipment are suitable for tearing, breaking and recycling soft and hard materials, which can meet the requirements of high efficiency, energy saving, firmness and durability of users

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