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  • Medical Shredder

    Medical Shredder

    At present, the treatment methods of medical waste include high-temperature incineration, sanitary landfill, pressure steam sterilization, chemical disinfection, dry heat crushing sterilization, electromagnetic wave sterilization, high-temperature pyrolysis sterilization, etc., but before treatment, crushing and refining treatment must be carried out. This medical recycling shredder machine is a large-scale medical waste crusher, which has passed the EU CE certification, and is designed for the crushing of medical waste. The whole machine technology comes from Italy. The blade is made of imported high-strength alloy steel, with very strong wear resistance and high strength. The driving part is driven by intermediate gear, forming a differential relationship. The screen is easy to disassemble. The size of the crushed material is controlled through the screen, and the discharging is uniform. The discharging size is ≤ 40mm, and the output can reach 1000-3000kg per hour.

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