What is agglomerator machine


What is agglomerator machine

   The agglomerator, also known as the mixer or foaming machine, utilizes the principles of multi blade rapid crushing, continuous stirring, friction heating during mixing, and rapid cooling and contraction to form particles of waste plastics such as plastic films, filaments, belts, sheets, soft plastic pipes, foaming materials, and degradable materials with corner materials, making it easy to mix them back into new materials for use. It is currently a relatively new type of ideal equipment for plastic recycling and regeneration.

   The plastic agglomerator machine is used for plastic film granulation, as the film density is relatively low, it is necessary to use the pelletizer to plasticize the film into pellets in advance to increase production.

   Main applicable materials: plastic film, chemical fiber, polyester, waste silk, woven bags, medical gloves, aluminum-plastic composite film, plastic steel sawdust, alternative mixer and dryer, versatile.

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