PP PE PVC HDPE LDPE Plastic Mixing Machine

PP PE PVC HDPE Plastic Mixing Machine

plastic mixing machine

Product Application:

Plastic mixing machine is suitable for all kinds of Plastic PP PE PVC HDPE LDPE raw materials and master batch mixing, the mixing effect is good. The mixing principle is to screw the materials into the upper end of the bucket through the hopper, and then drop them in an umbrella shape and continue to circulate them up and down, so as to achieve the goal of even mixing. This machine has automatic mixing time and overload protection.

The mixing machine features:

a.Plastic mixing machine is of framework design, solid and durable.

b.Pvc mixing machine propeller is wholly processed after welding, with high concentricity and steedy operation

c.Plastic colour mixing machine tank can be completely stirred by swirl type which makes a shorter mixing time.

d.Pvc compound mixing machine adopts stainless steel ensure a easy cleaning and rustlessness.

e.High speed pvc mixing machine is suitable for all kinds of plastic material,powder, forage, granule,and widely used for many industry.

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