Chemical Fiber Agglomerator

  • Chemical Fiber Agglomerator
  • Chemical Fiber Agglomerator
  • Chemical Fiber Agglomerator
  • Chemical Fiber Agglomerator
  • Chemical Fiber Agglomerator
  • Chemical Fiber Agglomerator
Chemical Fiber Agglomerator
  • Meenchi
  • China
  • About 40 working days after deposit
  • 15 sets per month

Chemical fiber high-speed agglomerator is a kind of equipment that directly granulates waste thermoplastic film and products with wall thickness less than 2mm.

It can agglomerate the waste products or films of soft PVC, high and low pressure polyethylene, polystyrene, polypropylene and other thermoplastic plastics, and can also granulate the waste products of expanded polystyrene.


agglomeration machine


After the waste material is put into the machine pot, it is quickly cut into pieces by the shearing action of the high-speed rotating blade and the fixed blade. The chopped material or piece flows along the wall of the pot body under the centrifugal force of the rotating blade, and the material is turned up and down by the action of the lower slurry, moving from four circles to the center of the pot body.

As a result of the friction between the materials themselves and the friction with the boiler wall and the blade at high speed, a large amount of friction heat is generated, which makes the temperature of the materials rise rapidly to a semi plasticized state, and they are adhered to each other into small pieces. Before the materials are going to agglomerate, all the pre prepared quantitative water is sprayed into the materials. When the cold water meets the hot materials, it is gasified quickly, and the heat on the surface of the materials is taken away, which makes the material list The surface is cooled rapidly to prevent caking, and then it is cut into particles (irregular particles) by the crushing effect between the rotating blade and the fixed blade. In the process of cutting, appropriate pigments can also be added as needed for coloring.

The granulated material produced by this machine can be directly used by extruder and injection machine. For products with strict requirements, it can also be used after extrusion granulator, plasticization and granulation.


Model GHC100GHC200  GHC300GHC500GHC800  GHC1000
Tank volume  (Liter) 100 200 300 500 800 1000 
Working volume (Liter) 75 150 200375 600 750  

Rotating blades speed (r/min)

800 800 900  750 750  700 
Rotating blades quantity (pcs)222444

Stationary blades quantity(pcs) 


Discharging model

Pneumatic Pneumatic Pneumatic Pneumatic Pneumatic Pneumatic 
Motor power (Kw) 37 55 7590110132

Machine dimension  L×W×H  (mm) 

1900×650×1310 1900×1160×1800 2100×1495×1945 2100×1510×2145 2170×1510×2140 2680×1815×2400 
Capacity( Kg/h)100-150 150-250200~350 350~500  400~650  600~800 

Machine weight   ( Kg) 

1200  1800  2000250028003500 


Automatic feeding device


plastic agglomerator

Photo of the final production

agglomeration machine

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