Production And Utilization Of PVC Pipe Production Line


Production And Utilization Of PVC Pipe Production Line

pvc pipe making machine

Product introduction:

pvc pipe making line developed rapidly, with an annual growth rate of 8% and an annual demand growth rate of 2%. In the plastic pipe material, PVC pipe material dosage has been far ahead, it is widely used in water supply and drainage pipeline. Because the technology is relatively mature, PVC water pipe in product innovation investment is not much, relatively few new products, the market is more common products, high-tech, high value-added products, similar general products, low grade products accounted for most, less high-end products.

Main products of our factory:

Winding of large diameter double wall pipe making line, PVC, C U - - PVC pipe production line, smoke gas coal mine water supply and drainage for double resistant pvc pipe making machine, PP, PE, PPR, PPB water supply gas pipe line, silicon core pipe line, lu: su, gangsu, copper production line, can PVC, PE, PP corrugated pipe production line, the single and double to geogrid production line, wood plastic sheet production line, PVC, PP, PE, XPS sheet, plate production line.

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